Two factor auth via SMS — just don’t

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash
legitimate SMS from Google
  • The two factor code which was sent to you
  • Your phone number
  • Know your email
  • Know your phone number
  • Have access to the two factor code
Just go to reset password and try another way
Now the guy has to enter your phone number
He has to enter the code.
Hacker types in the new cool g33ky password…
Make sure 2-Step is ON, but SMS or voice options are removed.
  • Security keys: These are hardware keys which you can buy and register under you account. This is the most secure 2-Step
  • Phone popup: A popup appears in a phone which you have signed in with your Google account
  • Authenticator app: Install the app and add it into your account by scanning a QR code. You no longer need to be online in the phone to get the code. It will be calculated in your device
  • Phone security key: I am actually unaware of how this works. I tried and it failed me :(




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Tharaka Devinda

Tharaka Devinda

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